BIGSMOKE GUITARS also make instrumental art pieces using the customers own cherished memento's, cigar boxes, coins or trinkets. In fact anything that makes the customer feel like they have a unique piece of instrumental art and contained in that artwork are their own favourite items.

We had a customer who came into the shop with a box of old banjo parts and a set of men's pant suspenders in 2012. Her dad had passed away earlier in the year and she had been given some of his belongings.

She told me her dad had played banjo in a band for over fifty years and she had great memories of how he used to play to her when she was young. She did not play an instrument herself but somehow wanted to retain these keepsake's in honour of his memory.

We sat down and picked from my collection of cigar boxes and hardwoods the pieces best suited to her fathers character, and she departed leaving me with her fathers belongings.

When she returned in three weeks time i had managed to make her a majestic new electric Cigar box banjo, complete with as many of her father's memento's i could realistically incorporate into the banjo.

When i gave her the banjo to hold, tears filled her eyes {and a few in mine} as a flood of memories came rushing back to her. Those tears eventually gave way to laughter as i brought out her new cigar box banjo strap made from her dads suspenders.

It brings me great joy to make personal instrumental art, and brings the owner of the instrument even more joy to know that their own history helped to create musical artwork.

If you are interested in having an electric or acoustic instrumental artwork made with your personal history involved, please fill out your details in the contact section so we can made your day.



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