One of a kind handcrafted upcycled electric cigarbox guitar art.

Using the best quality new and upcycled parts, this New Zealand based artistic company creates unique three and four string Electric Cigar box guitars, single string Electric Diddley bow, electric and acoustic Ukulele, and two string Electric Sandman Bass.

The cigar boxes, antique keys, coins and other working parts have been garnered from all ends of the globe and are then handcrafted together to provide a fun filled, individual work of musical art.

Bigsmoke Pickups are individually  Handcrafted and Hand-wound making them unique icons of sonic art

The fretted and fretless necks made at Bigsmoke Guitars are hand-formed pieces of art, using a range of sonic friendly hardwoods including Mahogany, Whenge, Tasmanian oak, Walnut, Matai and American Maple. Unique fret markers, antique keys and coins adorn the necks and each neck has several coats of oil and polish to bring out the perfect finish.

BIGSMOKE GUITARS are the curious amalgam of classical blues¬†cigar box guitar character, combined with a fresh, diverse modern millennium full of possibilities and materials waiting to be upcycled in a manner beyond the obvious…