The idea for this Instrumental Artworks design came about from a motorbike ride I was involved in on Halloween Friday 1980 with another wild teenage friend who took me for a hellhound ride I shall never forget.

It was getting late on that Friday night, in the middle of a heavy storm, rain and wind lashing outside, when there was several taps on my bedroom window. I opened the window to find one of my wildest friends standing in the rain with two helmets in his arms and a crazed smile on his face.

I slipped out the window and onto the back of his motorbike and we raced, at breakneck speeds through the treacherous and deserted roads along to the main drag road bordering the ocean, where the waves were crashing over the barriers and up onto the road, soaking us further with salt water.

My Hellhound friend was continually trying to pull wheelies on this freakish night and I was continually trying to push forward in a bid to keep both wheels on the ground and hopefully both of us out of the morgue, but my friend was stronger and in the end I gave up pushing against the inevitable and let him ride the bike through the night.

We survived that night somehow, but now ingrained in my memory, is a Halloween that brought pure terror, foul weather and hound from hell to my door.

This Sandman bass is made for slide and offers a deep pure Bass Tone that can wake up the dead. The artwork is sure to invoke the dark, stormy graveyard images seen in many a Halloween movie and witnessed by me that night in 1980.

SCALE LENGTH: 30” 762mm


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